Reading Cosmo when  inspiration lacks

Who else is with me, sometimes you’re just totally over it! But the to-do list and necessity to be creative is well, never over! Just living is a constant pull to come up with something that inspires can be all consuming. For me it could be finding inspiration for buying merchandise to be sold a year from now, inspiration for how to re-set the store floor, inspiration for what to make for dinner, inspirations for gift giving, inspiration for a funky twist on an outfit-because who else gets bored with their closet! Inspiration and creativeness is so fun but really only when the pressure is off.

So how do we bring back the fun and forget about the pressure? Here are a few tips to shake your burnout and re-inspire your fire:

Return to your idols.

I’m talking the real deal idols here not your Insta-blogger idols. Your Jackie O’s, Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn, Vogue magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine. Stay off of social media for a short period of time to keep yourself out of the comparison trap. Focusing on your idols will give you inspiration beyond your current view of the world. Just be sure to put your own personal spin on it!


Whatever your workout method of choice…there is just something about the quietness or “in the zone” music of choice, combined with the increased flow of blood through your brain that really stimulates the creative mind. I personally choose running with earphones in. This forces me to concentrate and the repetitive heart pumping activity allows my mind to run wild with ideas.

Get out, travel, see the world.

New places open your mind to new ways of seeing and being. It could be somewhere as simple as your local park or something more elaborate like a spontaneous trip out of town, maybe even to another country! Discovering new places and people can be one of the best inspirational tools. I’m not in a place where I can travel to far away lands but getting out of town for the weekend does wonders for my creativity. Just a simple weekend at a family member’s house in another town & I come back so refreshed, full of ideas & love.

Erin getting out of town to see family, bringing back inspo to Unity

Shake things up

Look through a lens of new perspective by changing your routines. If you usually watch TV at the end of the day try reading instead. If you usually run, try yoga. If you usually take one route to work, try a different way. If you usually do dinner date night on Wednesday at the same place, switch it up try Friday night and an activity instead of dinner. Breaking the cycle of repetitive routines lets us to step out the box of ease & safety we’ve created and allows us to let different creativeness pour in.

Express your grateful.

Sometimes it’s as simple as recognizing the current greatness in our lives. When we learn to appreciate what we do, what we have, who we are, everything in our lives we begin to be inspired and excited about even the littlest things. When I’m feeling less then inspired and annoyed I will list 5 things that I’m grateful for and wait for my mindset to change… it hasn’t failed me yet.

And last but certainly not least… Visit a friend! Seriously, we are always searching for inspiration and get the best from the friends who walk in our door! We love filling you with inspiration when you visit Unity and you’ll never know how much we appreciate you and the perspective, creative blessings, and inspiration you bring to us.

Have we inspired you to be inspired?!