Gettin' Handsy // Summer Nail Polish Picks

Gettin’ Handsy // Summer Nail Polish Picks

When it comes to your outfit, a surefire way to update the look is by accessorizing. Accessories are non-clothing pieces that add to the whole she-bang… commonly thought of as jewelry, handbags, scarves, etc. But your nails absolutely fall into the accessory category!

Your hands are at the forefront of your personal brand, just as important as your dresses, shirts and jeans.

Rock your entire style with polish that reflects your personality! The good news is there are a million different ways, colors, and combos – have fun with it!

Here are some of our personal favorites and brands we love! 

  • butter London: Don’t be fooled by the name – it’s an American brand! // Healthy Nail Lacquer, which uses safe, effective and skin-pampering ingredients…did we mention they are 8-free!
  • Ella + Mila: Ella+Mila polishes are not only made without the 3 common chemicals found in nail polishes, they are 7-free!  Safer ingredients for the win!
  • OPI: OPI places a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility by raising funds and awareness for numerous charities through retail partnerships and grassroots philanthropic initiatives. Totally near and dear to our hearts!  Plus they have the cutest polish names! 🙂
  • Acquarella: A clean slate. Water as our solvent and an engineered safe co-polymer structure, virtually odorless, dries quickly, has excellent shine and wear!
  • RMS: The RMS beauty line is about supporting your natural beauty and long-term health. And they maintain a 6-free status on polish!

What Cristal’s loving this summer…

1. Blush: Flirty and fresh! (OPI // Lisbon Wants Moor)

2. Light Teal: Ocean Vibes (Great color for the toes too!) (Ella+Mila // Don’t Be Blue)

3. Muted Metallics: Pale gold provides just enough glitz! (Ella+Mila // Gilded)

4. Lavender Love: Personal take on “Ultra Violet” 2018 Pantone Color of the year. (butter London // Hydrangea)

5. Glossy Grey: Mellow compliment to vibrant summer colors. (Ella+Mila // Grey Skies)

What Erin’s rockin’ this summer…

1. Peachy Pink: Perfect hue for any occasion. (Acquarella // Efface)

2. Pale Mauve: Soft & subtle and a hint of romantic vibes…xoxo  (Acquarella // Bliss)

3. CitrusTangerine: Luminous, sun-kissed glow!  (RMS // Honest)

4. Comin’ in hot, Coral: Harmonious combo of beach meets bliss. (RMS // Smile)

5. Glistening Gold: Celebration station with class. (Ella+Mila // Champagne Pop)

What’s your summer color? Share with us!