We all arrive at a questionable place in our lives-It usually comes after we accomplish the things, we’ve set out to do & plateau; or by means of tragedy. I’d say my arrival is a combination of the two. I’ve been feeling stagnate for quite some time & if I had to put a date on it, I’d couple the feeling with the life altering loss of my father and the time of grief that ensued after. I hit my peak at Unity and then when I lost my Dad everything changed in me & I came to the realization I wanted different; my soul was different. I held tight to Unity during this time, it was a place of relief & a wonderful distraction for me. But I realized surrounded in this beautiful boutique I had curated full of all things every girl would love; it wasn’t sparking a fire inside of me any longer. So nonetheless as my brick & mortar lease comes to an end; I’ve decided it’s time for a change. Now, as good a time as any I must announce Unity’s closing.

Unity Boutique has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I opened the doors nearly five years ago in hopes to make an impact on the local shopping culture with something unique to this area, and to chase a dream that has sparked a fire inside of me since a very young age. Although my heart is heavy to share this piece of my life with you, I know you’ll embrace the change as you’ve embraced everything, Me + Unity have thrown your way. I thank you, for allowing Unity to be part of your lives and memories. For your support in embracing my dream, you intertwined Unity in your life and my cup is overflowing with gratitude & an immense amount of love for those of you who’ve been a constant. I’ve treasured getting to know you, your families, your style, all the pieces of your lives you’ve shared with me. I believe people are put in our lives for a reason and all of you were placed in mine for far deeper a cause then we can imagine. You’ve gifted me the outpouring of goodness, conversations, & relationships that I’ve come to know and lean on. If you’re reading this it means you’ve been on this journey with me & I owe you my sincerest thank you!

To my family: These people have LOVED ME, they have forgiven me, they have celebrated my victories, they have listened while I cried, they’ve reminded me just how unique and brave a venture I took on, they have understood even when they didn’t understand, they have driven hours & sacrificed to help me, they have shared in & loved Unity hard right along with me, they are my behind the scenes people. For all that you’ve been and the grace you’ve shown me I want you to know that I recognize that life is short & family, time & love are precious gifts. Thank you for loving me through it all.

My God, to which I owe everything. A strength & love that is deep, a faith that carried me through, a faith that allowed me to be fearless, to simply trust. To say I’ve learned & grown is an understatement. To say I’m the same girl I was five years ago would be a complete lie. But I love getting to know the woman I’m becoming.

As I say goodbye, I hope you know how much I am filled with gratitude because of YOU. I’ll still be doing Personal Styling & Shopping, Closet Organization, & Beautycounter but I know that Unity & I must part ways. I have an insatiable love of life and with that I don’t think you can ever go wrong. I’m elated that freedom is on the horizon, & that time will be in my favor again, I’m looking forward to loving my family so much more, and living in Erin’s world again. As I close up this chapter of Unity, I’d love to see your faces as I work through remaining inventory, furniture, & fixtures over the final weeks. Some great deals & hugs to be had!
All my love, gratitude, & blessings to you!